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Marprik region Sepik River Orator stool  carved from a single piece of timber. Carved and pigment painted back with 4 legs .  One of a set of 6 .Mid 20th century . Shipping is by negotiation .

905 H 40x50w

Orator Stool

  • Orator's stools were not actually designed to be sat upon. Rather, they held a central place within the Men's House, serving as a lectern during debates. Taking turns, members of a clan would attempt to upstage each other with their eloquence, theatrics and knowledge of genealogical lineages. A speaker would stand or sit next to the stool, carrying a bundle of leaves. At key points in his speak, he would place a leaf on the stool or strike the stool with the bundle to invoke the ancestor represented on the stool.

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